Longride, a division of LSP Belgium.
 LSP bag production is founded in 1969 by Mr. Antoon Claerhout, father of the present CEO. The family company is now lead by Mr. Stefaan Claerhout and his wife Mrs. Marijke Asteur. The production started in 1969 with school bags, shopping bags and wallets. These products were mainly distributed to outlet stores into the Benelux. In 1988 the first motorcycle bags were made. The distribution was done by an external company. Mr. Stefaan Claerhout came on board of the board of directors in 1990.

Under his influence the mass production changed into quality production. As the pressure of the Asian market grew, LSP moved at the end of 1999 the production from Belgium to Tunisia . Our Own production company (Intersac) allows us to guaranty the same high quality standards and produce high quality bags for several brands, while development and distribution still is done in our Belgium based headquarter. In 2006 LSP bought the famous brand “Ruitertassen” with all knowledge of production.

These luxury leather bags gave a boost to the quality level of production of our motorcycle bags too. Since 2010, the distribution of the motorcycle bags is also in the hands of LSP. The worldwide distribution is done from Belgium based warehouse, and the LONGRIDE MOTORCYCLEBAGS brand is born ! Please feel free to surf through our collection and find the right bags which fits your needs.
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