The click-on system

The Click-on system
Longride bags are specially designed to fit the shape of the bike and to mount to your bike without any modification needed. In some cases turn signals need to be relocated.
All rigid bags comes with the unique key- lockable clickfix system, which you can click-on to the special designed bike specific mounting brackets.
The triple chrome plated bolt-on brackets can be easily mounted to existing mounting points of your bike. All necessary mounting hardware is included.


Herewith you will find some useful tips and tricks to mount your bags on an easy and secured way to your bike with the easy to use templates which comes with the bags.

1. Mount the brackets to the motorcycle.

2. Check on the inside of the rear fender if the bolts are not t0o long and can’t hit the tire while the bike is suspending.

3. Glue the template drawing of the bag on a cardboard plate.

4. Cut out the design of the bag.

5. Cut out the indicated marked mounting holes for your bike on the drawing.

a. If your bike is not indicated, position the bag in the right position yourself.

6. Put the Klickfix to the bracket.

7. Check, with the cut out cardboard, if the position on both sides of your bike will be ok for you

8. Make sure:

a. there will be enough space between the exhaust and bag (Min 6 cm, ¼ “).

b. there will be enough space between the rear shock and bag.

c. The bag doesn’t hit the rear swing arm or axle while suspending.

9. If the position is checked and ok, put the drawing on the backside of your bag.

10. Drill first the (20 mm, 7/8”) hole where the lock comes through.

11. Check the position of the bag.

12. If ok drill the 6 mm mounting holes.

13. Mount the Klickfix system to the bags.

14. You’re done.

By any doubt, please ask a certificate motorcycle mechanic to help you out.

Enjoy your purchase and please feel free to give your comments on our Facebook page.

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